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Real Estate Resources for Home Buyers

Click the links below for assistance in quickly calculating the finances involved in buying a home:

Prequalification Calculator

Determine what level of income lenders will expect you to be making to qualify for a certain loan amount.


Mortgage Payment Calculator

Compare your investment in a house versus renting and investing the difference.


Rent vs. Own Calculator

Should you rent or should you buy? Compute the payment for a given loan amount and interest rate.


Amortization Schedule

Enter principal, interest, number of payments and compounding method and the program will create a schedule for you.


Mortgage Pre-approval

Start the pre-approval process and get the answers you need to shop for a home with confidence.


Loan Programs

From fixed rates to adjustable rates to jumbo loans, there are hundreds of loan products to choose from.


Weichert Gold Services

Your one-stop source for everything you need to buy, sell, and move into a home.


Lending Process

A helpful guide showing the documents required once you apply for a loan.


Title Insurance

Reliably handling this vital step in virtually every home purchase.