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HOME SELLERS: What to Expect

Selling your first home? Have some experience, but need a quick refresher?

As your selling agent, Lisa Povlow will take the time to make sure you understand each step of the process while working on your behalf behind the scenes, managing every detail of your transaction for the best results.

Here’s a general overview of what you can expect:
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Selling a home in Doylestown

1. Meet With Lisa Povlow, Your Weichert Agent

At this initial consultation, Lisa will walk you through the home-selling process, ensuring you understand each step and come away feeling more confident and better informed. Lisa will get to know your home, take a few photos and assess its features.

2. Setting the Right Price

As your Weichert agent, Lisa will thoroughly research comparable homes in your neighborhood and town, as well as price trends, to determine fair market value for your initial asking price. Setting the price right out of the gate is important in gaining interest from the largest pool of potential buyers.

3. Marketing Your Home

Lisa will present an integrated marketing plan detailing all of the ways we’ll promote your home to the largest pool of potential buyers including high-traffic national websites, customized promotional materials and more.

4. Open Your House to Buyers

Simply put, our Open Houses work. Lisa will stage your home, conduct tours and follow up with attendees to gain feedback and maximize opportunities.

5. Reach an Agreement

When an offer is presented, Lisa will help you evaluate it and determine your next move. As a Weichert real estate agent, she is highly trained in complex negotiation and will work on your behalf to ensure the best results.